Learn Czech: A Day at the Beach

Czech Learning Accelerator - A podcast by Language Learning Accelerator - Marți


This episode exposes you to phrases, repeated in English and Czech, to improve your Czech vocabulary and help you to express yourself in Czech. These episodes are meant to accompany and accelerate your existing Czech language studies, whether you're using an app like DuoLingo, or you're enrolled in a more formal Czech class. The more you expose your brain to Czech audio, the faster you'll learn. View the full list of English and Czech phrases in this episode. Contact us with feedback and ideas: [email protected] Phrases in this episode: Where is the nearest beach? Can we walk there from here? Is it a sandy beach or a rocky beach? Should we wear flip flops or sneakers? Is the water warm enough to swim in? Can we take a bus there, or a taxi? We're a little lost! We're trying to find the public beach. Do you recommend this beach, or is there a better one nearby? There is a business offering boat tours. Do they offer the option to go scuba diving or snorkeling? We are certified for scuba diving. Do people go surfing on this beach? Where can we rent surf boards and wet suits? Are there sharks or stinging fish in the water? We just want to lay in the sun! Oh no, I've got sand in my bathing suit! Are you selling cold drinks? Can we rent an umbrella? We are getting sunburned! Do you mind if we use some of your sunscreen? I love this beach! It's so nice to relax once in a while!

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