Learn Czech: Music

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This episode exposes you to phrases, repeated in English and Czech, to improve your Czech vocabulary and help you to express yourself in Czech. These episodes are meant to accompany and accelerate your existing Czech language studies, whether you're using an app like DuoLingo, or you're enrolled in a more formal Czech class. The more you expose your brain to Czech audio, the faster you'll learn. View the full list of English and Czech phrases in this episode. Contact us with feedback and ideas: [email protected] Phrases in this episode: What type of music do you like to listen to? I prefer rock, pop, and electronic dance music. Do you like American rock bands? Who do you think is the greatest rock band of all time? Who is your favorite female pop singer? What about your favorite male pop singer? What do you like most about this type of music? Have you ever heard of this artist? What was your favorite music growing up? Do you play any instruments? What is the instrument you would like to learn the most? Do you like to dance or sing? I'm always singing in the shower! I like to do karaoke, do you? I like to dance when I'm alone in my apartment. I worry that my neighbors can hear me. Do you want to go to the dance club with me? We can dance together. I will show you how!

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