Learn Czech: Taxi from the Airport

Czech Learning Accelerator - A podcast by Language Learning Accelerator - Marți


This episode exposes you to phrases, repeated in English and Czech, to improve your Czech vocabulary and help you to express yourself in Czech. These episodes are meant to accompany and accelerate your existing Czech language studies, whether you're using an app like DuoLingo, or you're enrolled in a more formal Czech class. The more you expose your brain to Czech audio, the faster you'll learn. View the full list of English and Czech phrases in this episode. Contact us with feedback and ideas: [email protected] Phrases in this episode: Where can I find taxis? Are you available? Can you take me to this address? This is my first time visiting. I'm here on vacation. I've always wanted to come here. I'm so excited to get to know the culture. I've been practicing the language as much as I can! I learned a lot by listening to a podcast. I can understand enough to get around, I hope. We'll find out soon! So far I think it's even more beautiful in person! I only have three days in this city. I will be in Czech Republic for two weeks total. I'm traveling on my own for now. My partner is meeting me in a different city. What activities do you recommend if I only have a few days here? Is there a restaurant that serves great local food? Thanks so much for the information! That is super helpful! Can you help me with my luggage? Please keep the change. Very nice to meet you!

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