5 Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life

Made To Thrive - A podcast by Kris Carr

Welcome to the very first episode of "Made to Thrive" – I'm so happy you're here, my friend! Ever wondered what it really means to thrive? This podcast is all about exploring that question to help you feel better, live boldly, and create a more fulfilling life so you can truly thrive, not just survive. In today's episode, I give you a sneak peek of what's to come on the podcast, share a bit about my background, and discuss some practical strategies to help you thrive in every season of life. Plus, I dive into the 5 pillars of wellness, which serve as a simple roadmap for thriving, and share tips for adding them into your daily routine today. Are you ready to become a mental olympian? WE DISCUSS:- (3:50): My backstory, my biggest rupture, and what to expect from this podcast - (6:43): What does it really mean to thrive? - (15:56): The biggest myths about thriving - (23:53): 5 practical strategies to help you thrive in any seasonRESOURCESEnter to win my GRAND PRIZE giveaway (over $1k value)! Includes an iPad, AirPods, Apple Watch, and more!I’m Not a Mourning PersonFree Wellness TrackerCONNECT WITH KRISFollow me on InstagramListen to more Made To ThriveOrder my new book!Explore my resources!Learn more!

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