Overcoming Someday Syndrome

Made To Thrive - A podcast by Kris Carr

Life is terminal, and it's up to you to truly live. If you've ever felt stuck, putting off your dreams until "someday," this episode is for you! I explain why "someday" is a complete mirage and share simple strategies to start living boldly today. I highlight the importance of making our golden moments happen right now, encourage you to prioritize what truly matters, and motivate you to take action despite your fears. Plus, I'll walk you through a simple exercise to help you gain the clarity and motivation you need to achieve your big sky goals. Remember, my friend - you are already enough, and it's never too late to get started towards your dreams!WE DISCUSS:- (1:56) Why you should experience your golden moments right now - (6:52) Advice for prioritizing the life you love over to-do lists - (9:42) Understanding that you are already enough - (11:07) How to stop talking yourself out of your big ideas- (13:59) An exercise for envisioning your boldest, brightest life and believing that anything is possible- (19:08) Some encouragement to take action today and live life fully! RESOURCESGet your FREE Hot Mess Recovery Kit!Enter to win my GRAND PRIZE giveaway (over $1k value)! Includes an iPad, AirPods, Apple Watch, and more!Check out Hay HouseCONNECT WITH KRISFollow me on InstagramListen to more Made To ThriveOrder my new book!Join my newsletter community!Learn more!

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