Slash Your Grocery Bill with Carleigh Bodrug’s Plant-Based Kitchen Hacks

Made To Thrive - A podcast by Kris Carr

When I was diagnosed with cancer nearly two decades ago, I turned to a plant-based diet to take some control of my health, and I haven't looked back. In this episode, I chat with the incredible Carleigh Bodrug, a New York Times bestselling author and a huge plant-based and food waste reduction social media creator. Carleigh is known for her "Plant You" platform, which empowers her audience to get creative and cook meals using ingredients they already have at home! In our conversation, Carleigh highlights her nonjudgmental approach to promoting sustainability in the kitchen. She shares her practical tips for reusing food scraps, explains the benefits of having a diverse range of plants in your diet, and shares her advice for building a strong online following. We also touch on Carleigh's latest book, "Scrappy Cooking," and why she wants you to have a healthy body that will help you live life to the fullest. WE DISCUSS:- (5:06) What initially inspired Carleigh to go plant-based - (13:46) The reality of food waste and why it matters - (18:27) How Carleigh’s recipes utilize leftover ingredients and encourage you to be creative with the scraps - (25:51) Clever ways to reuse scraps like coffee grounds, chickpea water, onion skins, banana peels & more!- (34:55) Tips for eating a diverse range of fruits and vegetable- (41:50) Advice for building your social media platform and making an impact online - (48:27) Navigating criticism and negative reviews as a creator - (52:56) The intersection of holistic wellness and living with grief RESOURCES- Crazy Sexy You- Enter to win my GRAND PRIZE giveaway (over $1k value)! Includes an iPad, AirPods, Apple Watch, and more! *CLOSES JUNE 19* - Get your FREE Wellness TrackerCONNECT WITH CARLEIGHFollow Carleigh on InstagramOrder Scrappy CookingCheck out PlantYouTune into the Counting Plants seriesCONNECT WITH KRISFollow me on InstagramListen to more Made To ThriveOrder my new book!Join my newsletter community!Learn more!

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