Thanksgiving Special

Ep. 6 | In this special episode we invite Marliz Gracia and Betina Gheorghe to talk to us about their view on Thanksgiving, what is the recipe for thankfulness, and barriers that do not allow us to be thankful. Grab a cozy seat and dive deep with us in this fun episode. 

Om Podcasten

Welcome to Re-Do of Life; the podcast that gives you the prescription for a fresh start. We all have that moment in life where we wish we could hit the redo button, whether it's changing our life’s perspective, or simply reinventing ourselves. But it takes courage to take that leap of faith and turn our lives around. In this podcast, you will find a community of people that feel like you. You will know that you’re not alone. You will be heard, understood, and validated! With each episode, you’ll be empowered to rewrite your own story and rediscover your full potential.