Bye Sister

Rehash - A podcast by Rehash - Luni

Cover this podcast in prayers, because in this highly-requested episode, Hannah and Maia discuss the most political event on the internet to date: Tati Westbrook’s public disowning of James Charles. In this clashing of beauty guru titans, 38-year-old Tati Westbrook disavowed her 19-year old friend and mentee, James Charles… over a bunch of hair vitamins. But hindsight reveals that Tati may not have been working alone, and that Bye Sister may never have been about vitamins all along. Tea and squabbles abound, this event may have brought an end to the beauty guru regime… for good! Digressions include: a reopening of the case on “grooming”, Hannah and Maia’s “would you, an alt man, date Kylie Jenner” poll, the horror of naming a fanbase, and Rehash’s declaration of war against another… very famous… podcast.  Support the Patreon and get juicy bonus content!: Intro and outro song by our talent friend Ian Mills: ⁠ SOURCES: Valeriya Safronova, “James Charles, From ‘CoverBoy’ to Canceled” The New York Times (2019). Jean Kelso Sandlin and Monica L. Gracyalny, “Fandom, forgiveness and future support: YouTube apologies as crisis communication” Journal of Communication Management Vol. 24 (1) (2020). Rachel Strugatz, "The Morphe Beauty Saga Isn’t Pretty” The New York Times (2022). Elizabeth Whitehead, “An Awkward Look at the Excessive Makeup Trend of the 2010s” Punkee (2022).