Dating Apps

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…We’re about to go off. Since what feels like the beginning of time (the 60s) dating companies have promised us that our soulmates are out there waiting for us, and they know just who it is. But in this current late stage hellscape, it’s safe to say these companies aren’t as altruistic as they seem. Yes, in this episode, Hannah and Maia talk about everyone’s least favourite drug: dating apps. It comes down to one question: if dating apps could really find us our soulmate, why is it that we’re less horny, and less committal than ever before? Rather than being happily partnered, its appears we’ve all become rizzless, attention deficit, scaredy-cat sex nerds. Are we in crisis? Tangents include: Vanessa Hudgens' monopoly on the “Disney R&B” market, the “bottle night” guy, and Hannah putting yet another nickel in the Don’t Talk About Taylor Swift jar.  Support us on Patreon and get juicy bonus content: ⁠⁠ Intro and outro song by our talented friend Ian Mills: ⁠ SOURCES: Samatha Cole, How Sex Changed the Internet and the Internet Changed Sex, Workman Publishing Company (2022). Ann Friedman, “Overwhelmed and Creeped Out” The New Yorker (2013). Dakota Hanson, Swipe, F*ck, Ghost, Repeat: How Dating Apps Changed the Way We Form Relationships and View Intimacy, Debating Communities and Networks XIII (2022). Hobbes et al, “Liquid love? Dating apps, sex, relationships and the digital transformation of intimacy” Journal of Sociology (2017). Tom Roach, “Becoming Fungible: Queer Intimacies in Social Media” Qui Parle, vol.23 (2) (2015). Christine Rosen, “Electronic Intimacy” The Wilson Quarterly, vol. 36 (2) (2012). Alexandra Sims, “Sex, love and swiping: How 10 years of Tinder changed us forever” Cosmopolitan (2022). Amy Wallace, “Love God From Hell : The Man Who Brought You Videodating Hates to Date, Loves to Taunt and Has Himself Been Unlucky in Love. Would You Buy a Relationship From Jeffrey Ullman?” LA Times (1994). Emily Witt, “A Hookup App for the Emotionally Mature” The New Yorker (2022). Jamie Woo, Meet Grindr: How One App Changed the Way We Connect, Jamie Woo (2013).