Diet Prada

Who watches the watchdog? Hannah and Maia discuss the weird evolution of Diet Prada, and whether or not it can (or needs to) adhere to a code of ethics in the lawless wasteland that is social media. Brief digressions include a fight that Maia got into (scrap!), the micro-celebs you'll find at Dumbo House, and a marvellous synchronized performance of the infamous "cerulean" monologue from The Devil Wears Prada. Support us on Patreon and get juicy bonus content!  Intro and outro song by our talented friend Ian Mills: Sources: Randi Bergman, “Has the Time Come to Critique Diet Prada?” Elle (2021). Maureen O’Connor, “The Trials of Diet Prada” Vanity Fair (2021). Rachel Tashjian, “In Fashion, Who Will Cancel the Cancelers?” GQ (2020). Ryan J. Thomas & Teri Finneman, “Who watches the watchdogs?: British newspaper metadiscourse on the Leveson Inquiry” Journalism Studies, vol 15, no. 2 (2014).

Om Podcasten

Rehash: The podcast about the social media phenomenons that strike a nerve in our culture, only to be quickly forgotten - but we think are due for a revisiting. Hosted by Maia (Broey Deschanel) and Hannah Raine Find us on Patreon: