Girl Defined (TEASER)

Rehash - A podcast by Rehash - Luni

Full episode available on Patreon: Kristen and Bethany Baird make Christian life advice content on Youtube for their modest audience of 100k followers. But when Cody Ko reacted to one of their videos on his channel, spawning an entire industry of Girl Defined commentary, they became overnight sensations… for all the wrong reasons. Girl Defined certainly spreads harmful fundamentalist views to impressionable young women but, in this bonus episode, Hannah and Maia question whether Kristen and Bethany are always deserving of vitriol. For women coming into their sexualities alongside their audience, it’s important to consider if their advice is hypocritical, or just confused. Tangents include: Nara Smith and the TikTok trad wives, the “Who said I can’t wear my purity era with my converse” era of Disney, and the political theatre of Republican Christianity and its weaponization of Sydney Sweeney’s boobs. Oh - and MANY “69” jokes.