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You wanna be on top? Well then girl, go do some exploitation! Hannah and Maia discuss the once revered, now maligned figure of the Girlboss™. Where did she come from? How did she get here? And why does she keep telling us to wash our face? We think sometimes you have to stop and consider, maybe becoming the #1 event planner in your state doesn't make you Malala. Join us for an unpacking of the She-EO, the world's fastest crash course on women in the workplace, Hannah's arduous journey towards building her bed, and whether or not we should put the "C" word on a t-shirt (we should).  Support us on Patreon for and get juicy bonus content! Intro and outro song by our talented friend Ian Mills: SOURCES:  Isabel Sloan, “How Girlboss Became a Slur”, Early Magazine (2021) “Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss”, Know Your Meme Alex Abad-Santos, “The death of the girlboss”, Vox (2021) Sophia Amoruso, “#GIRLBOSS”, (2014), Penguin Publishing Group  Rachel Hollis, “Girl, Stop Apologizing” (2019), Harper Collins Constance Grady, “Why The Author of Girl, Stop Apologizing had to Apologize Twice in One Week” (2021), Vox Hannah Ewens, “The Girlboss Has Evolved into an Even More Powerful Form” (2019), Vice Emily Yellin, “Lining up for Wartime Weddings” (2017), The New York Times Erin Gloria Ryan, “The Short List: Women at Work” (2014), The New York Times