Is Anyone Up?

Rehash - A podcast by Rehash - Luni

Sure, the computer gave us war. But sex gave us the iCloud email alert. Ever since Marilyn Monroe was on the cover of Playboy, men have been profiting off of women’s bodies without their consent. Yet if revenge porn has been around since God was a small child, why did it seem to peak in the 2010s? In this episode, Hannah and Maia go back to a time when Hunter Moore, the Gavin McInnes of cybersex terrorism, reigned supreme on the internet with his wildly popular revenge porn website, Is Anyone Up? A website which changed our understanding of revenge porn forever. Join along on this odyssey of legal loopholes, internet vigilantes, and a man named Gary Jones asking for your nudes - to uncover the rise and fall of “the most hated man on the internet”. Tangent includes: Kyle MacLachlan’s feet.  SOURCES: Russell Brandom, Apple just added another layer of iCloud security, a day before iPhone 6 event” The Verge (2014). Danielle Keats Citron and Mary Anne Franks, “Criminalizing Revenge Porn” University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law, Vol. 24 (2014). Samantha Cole, How Sex Changed the Internet and the Internet Changed Sex, Workman Publishing Group (2022). Camille Dodero, ““Gary Jones” Wants Your Nudes” The Village Voice (2012). Erin Durkin, “Hacker sentenced to prison for role in Jennifer Lawrence nude photo theft” The Guardian (2018). Kashmir Hill, “Revenge porn (Or: Another reason not to take nude photos)” Forbes (2009). Kimberly Lawson, One in 25 Americans Say They’ve Been a Victim of Revenge Porn” Vice (2016). Amanda Marcotte, “‘The Fappening’ and Revenge Porn Culture: Jennifer Lawrence and the Creepshot Epidemic” The Daily best (2014). “Love, Relationships, and #SextRegret: It’s Time to Take Back the Web” McAfee (2013). Sam Kashner, “Both Huntress and Prey” Vanity Fair (2014). Roni Rosenberg and Hadar Dancig-Rosenberg, “Revenge Porn in the Shadow of the First Amendment” (2022).