3 KEYS to Reprogram Your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND to Heal Your BODY

The School of Greatness - A podcast by Lewis Howes


The mind and body are not separate entities, but rather a unified system that can be harnessed for healing and well-being, so today we focus on healing the body with our mind. Dr. Mariel Buqué, an Afro-Dominican psychologist and intergenerational trauma expert, offers profound insights into breaking the cycle of trauma through a holistic clinical approach that combines ancient healing practices with modern therapy. Dr. Ellen Langer, the first woman to be tenured in psychology at Harvard University and known as the "mother of mindfulness," challenges conventional thinking about mind-body unity and shares her bold theory in her new book "The Mindful Body." Lastly, Dr. Joe Dispenza discusses the transformative power of thoughts and meditation in healing oneself, sharing inspiring stories of individuals who defied the odds and healed from severe illnesses. Together, these experts illuminate the path to healing and personal evolution through the power of the mind.

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