From RAGS to RICHES: Become a Millionaire in Under a Decade (Escape the Debt TRAP!)

The School of Greatness - A podcast by Lewis Howes


Today we highlight three money experts, each sharing their unique rags-to-riches stories and invaluable financial wisdom. Bill Perkins, a finance titan and author of "Die with Zero," reveals how to achieve financial wealth while living a life with zero regrets, emphasizing the importance of balancing wealth accumulation with fulfilling experiences. Vivian Tu, the founder and CEO of "Your Rich BFF," shares her journey from Wall Street trader to financial educator, highlighting her mission to make personal finance accessible to marginalized communities. George Kamel, a Ramsey Personality, recounts his journey from negative net worth to millionaire status, offering a blueprint for financial success through his book, "Breaking Free From Broke: The Ultimate Guide to More Money and Less Stress."

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