The Nutrition Doctor: “THESE Foods Can HEAL - REVERSE DISEASE & AGING!” (It’s SO SIMPLE!) Dr. Michael Greger

The School of Greatness - A podcast by Lewis Howes


Today on The School of Greatness, we welcome Dr. Michael Greger. He's not just a physician and a New York Times best-selling author but also an internationally recognized speaker on critical public health issues. His extensive research, especially in the realm of industrialized animal agriculture and its public health implications, is groundbreaking. Dr. Greger's dedication to clinical nutrition has established him as a leading authority in the field. He's the author of several best-selling books, including "How Not to Die" and "How Not to Diet," which have revolutionized the way we think about food and health. His work at is not just informative but transformative, impacting lives globally. Today, Dr. Greger joins us to share his invaluable insights on nutrition, public health, and how we can all lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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