Zooey Deschanel: How To LET GO Of Others’ Opinions & ALIGN With Your MOST AUTHENTIC TRUTH

The School of Greatness - A podcast by Lewis Howes


Today on The School of Greatness, we're thrilled to welcome the incredibly talented Zooey Deschanel. Zooey is an Emmy, Golden Globe and Grammy nominee and Critics’ Choice Award winner who has charmed big and small screen audiences through her nuanced leading performances in films like “(500) Days of Summer,” the Christmas classic “Elf,” “Yes Man,” “Almost Famous” and the hit television series, “New Girl.” Her band, She & Him, has released seven albums. Zooey is here to share a more personal side of her story, from her recent engagement to the challenges and triumphs of her career in Hollywood. Thank you for joining us, now let the class begin!

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