Anil Patel

Anil Patel is a multi-hyphenate with with two major roles that might seem unlikely on the surface - Director of Operations for Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party Palm Springs, the signature event of Sanker’s White Party Entertainment, which has evolved into the nation’s largest gay dance music festival, attracting more than 30,000 attendees - while also serving as the Alumni Chair and Spiritual Advisor at La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center. We talk about his first career in fitness, his own journey through addiction and recovery (including dealing, which landed him in jail and estranged from his family), rebuilding his life, reconnecting with his family, the joy of being Uncle Anil, and the birth of his alter-ego, Chanelta. This episode of Werque was produced and edited by David Neuendorff Theme song “La Selva” by Eddie X Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @werquepodcast We love hearing from you! Send your questions or comments to: [email protected] and sign up for our newsletter for all the latest.

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