Kathy Deitch

She's a force to be reckoned with: Singer, Actor, Writer, Producer, Teacher and Vodcaster.A Philadelphia native, Kathy made her Broadway debut in the original cast of FOOTLOOSE and later created the role of Shen Shen in the smash Broadway hit WICKED!!We talk to her about life on Broadway, her journey to LA and the moment @mattbomer rubbed his face in her “lady area”!She also stars in FATCH COMEDY...a sketch comedy team comprised of fat writers and actors whose mission is to increase the visibility of people of size in the entertainment industry. Also the co-creator of PLUS THIS! SHOW, a weekly vodcast on UBN GO that highlights fat women & non-binary folx and their allies. IG @ladeitche & @PlusThisShow

Om Podcasten

Co-hosted by Luis Camacho (Xtravaganza) and Kim Blackwell, Werque is a bi-weekly podcast inspired by Luis’s Werque Vogue Workshop that expands on the kiki’s and creative expression to bring you candid conversations and inspiring stories that will have you saying, “WERQUE!” Send inquires and questions to: [email protected] IG: @werquepodcast