Krystal Smith

Krystal Smith is a comedian, actress and YouTube personality with over 100,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, Krissychula. Known for her acerbic rants on everything from the McDonald's ice cream machine to her co-workers and neighbors, her videos regularly amass hundreds of thousands of views from fans who appreciate her ability to turn her annoyance into high comedy. Some of her most popular videos include: "Microwaving Fish at Work is Personality Defect" (603K views), "Don't Tell Me To Shut Up" (388K), and "Pissed at My Hair" (349K). But the video that broke the internet (5.7 million views and counting) was "It's Hot as Hell." Krissy's whole mood about... it being hot as Hell was shared everywhere, around the world, landing on HuffPost, Buzzfeed and The Talk.  We talk to Krissy about the facts and myths behind going viral, what really drives someone to make funny YouTube videos, the perks, and the sometimes collateral damage of being 'internet famous.' Send your questions to: [email protected] Patreon acct : Cash app: $krissy214 Tumblr: thekrissychula Twitter: thekrissychula IG: krissychula Questions for Luis & Kim? [email protected] This podcast is sponsored by: Werque Podcast is produced by:  

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