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  1. Redemption with charity founder Scott Harrison

    Publicat: 27.02.2024
  2. Supercommunicators with journalist Charles Duhigg

    Publicat: 20.02.2024
  3. Community Starts at Home with author Alexandra Hudson

    Publicat: 13.02.2024
  4. How To Be A Friend with chef Christina Tosi

    Publicat: 06.02.2024
  5. Why Awkward is Awesome with psychologist Ty Tashiro

    Publicat: 30.01.2024
  6. A Theory of Everyone with behavioral researcher Dr. Michael Muthukrishna

    Publicat: 23.01.2024
  7. Atomic Habits with author James Clear

    Publicat: 16.01.2024
  8. Excellence with Silicon Valley Legend Jackie Reses

    Publicat: 09.01.2024
  9. Imperfections, Nuance, and Humanity with comedian Alex Edelman

    Publicat: 19.12.2023
  10. Drive with professional racer Danica Patrick

    Publicat: 12.12.2023
  11. The Value of Values with Walmart CEO Doug McMillon

    Publicat: 05.12.2023
  12. A Curious Mind with movie producer Brian Grazer

    Publicat: 28.11.2023
  13. Talking to Animals with A.I. ethicist Aza Raskin

    Publicat: 21.11.2023
  14. A New Paradigm for Trust with entrepreneur Yat Siu

    Publicat: 14.11.2023
  15. Humanize with designer Thomas Heatherwick

    Publicat: 07.11.2023
  16. Teammateship with NBA champion Shane Battier

    Publicat: 31.10.2023
  17. The Future of Leadership with educator Elizabeth English

    Publicat: 24.10.2023
  18. Remember Love with the poet Cleo Wade

    Publicat: 17.10.2023
  19. Purpose over Profit with Thrive Causemetics CEO Karissa Bodnar

    Publicat: 10.10.2023
  20. Beautiful Conflict with the poet Yung Pueblo

    Publicat: 03.10.2023

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The future is always bright…if you know where to look. Join me each week for A Bit of Optimism - I talk to inspiring people who teach me more about life, leadership and general interesting things.

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