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  1. Babbage: The science that built the AI revolution—part one

    Publicat: 06.03.2024
  2. Babbage: The hunt for dark matter

    Publicat: 21.02.2024
  3. Babbage: Sam Altman and Satya Nadella on their vision for AI

    Publicat: 24.01.2024
  4. Babbage: Science book club

    Publicat: 20.12.2023
  5. Babbage: Fei-Fei Li on how to really think about the future of AI

    Publicat: 22.11.2023
  6. Babbage: How to avoid a battery shortage

    Publicat: 25.10.2023
  7. Babbage: The 2023 Nobel prizes in science

    Publicat: 04.10.2023
  8. Babbage: The scientific quest to conquer ageing

    Publicat: 27.09.2023
  9. Babbage: How AI promises to revolutionise science

    Publicat: 20.09.2023
  10. Babbage: Mustafa Suleyman on how to prepare for the age of AI

    Publicat: 13.09.2023
  11. Babbage: Sex differences and sport

    Publicat: 06.09.2023
  12. Babbage: El Niño is back, and he looks angry

    Publicat: 30.08.2023
  13. Babbage: How to learn to love maths, with Eugenia Cheng

    Publicat: 23.08.2023
  14. Babbage: The race to the Moon’s South Pole

    Publicat: 16.08.2023
  15. Babbage: Advances in healthcare technology

    Publicat: 09.08.2023
  16. Babbage: Are auctioned dinosaur fossils lost to science?

    Publicat: 02.08.2023
  17. Babbage: How good can weather forecasting get?

    Publicat: 26.07.2023
  18. Babbage: Summer science lessons

    Publicat: 19.07.2023
  19. Babbage: The debate over deep-sea mining

    Publicat: 12.07.2023
  20. Babbage: Vint Cerf on how to wisely regulate AI

    Publicat: 05.07.2023

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Babbage is our weekly podcast on science and technology, named after Charles Babbage—a 19th-century polymath and grandfather of computing. Host Alok Jha talks to our correspondents about the innovations, discoveries and gadgetry shaping the world. Published every Wednesday.If you’re already a subscriber to The Economist, you’ll have full access to all our shows as part of your subscription.For more information about Economist Podcasts+, including how to get access, please visit our FAQs page here Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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