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  1. CSP #57: What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Newer Forms of Media? (FINAL EPISODE!)

    Publicat: 20.02.2024
  2. CSP #56: Some People Say It Takes 10,000 Hours to Master Any New Skill. Do You Agree?

    Publicat: 13.02.2024
  3. CSP #55: The Intermediate Plateau in Language Learning Does Not Exist

    Publicat: 06.02.2024
  4. CSP #54: Team-Building Activities Are a Waste of Time. Do You Agree?

    Publicat: 30.01.2024
  5. CSP #53: Single-Use Plastics: Necessary Convenience or Environmental Hazard?

    Publicat: 23.01.2024
  6. CSP #52: Do You Consider Yourself an Adventurous Person?

    Publicat: 16.01.2024
  7. CSP #51: Do You Think Setting a New Year's Resolution to Improve Your English Is Effective?

    Publicat: 12.01.2024
  8. CSP #50: Top 5 Challenges My Students Face in Real-World English Conversations

    Publicat: 19.12.2023
  9. CSP #49: What Is the Most Effective Action in Helping People Prevent Stress?

    Publicat: 12.12.2023
  10. CSP #48: Can Virtual Reality Ever Replace the Allure of Real Outdoor Experiences?

    Publicat: 05.12.2023
  11. CSP #47: Why Do Some People Prefer Alternative Medicine to Conventional Medicine?

    Publicat: 28.11.2023
  12. CSP #46: AI Is a Threat to Human Jobs. What's Your Take On This Statement?

    Publicat: 21.11.2023
  13. CSP #45: Some Believe Online Education Can Fully Replace Classroom Learning. Do You Agree?

    Publicat: 14.11.2023
  14. CSP #44: Setting Personal Boundaries Is Important In a Relationship. What's Your Take On This?

    Publicat: 07.11.2023
  15. CSP #43: Modern Lifestyles Reduce Family Quality Time. Do You Agree?

    Publicat: 31.10.2023
  16. CSP #42: Have the Dynamics of Friendships Shifted in the Age of the Internet?

    Publicat: 24.10.2023
  17. CSP #41: How Have Family Roles Within the Household Evolved in Recent Decades?

    Publicat: 17.10.2023
  18. CSP #40: How Have Dating Apps Changed Romantic Relationship Dynamics in Today's Society?

    Publicat: 10.10.2023
  19. CSP #39: Why Do Some People Feel Less Personal Responsibility For Protecting The Environment?

    Publicat: 03.10.2023
  20. CSP #38: What Qualities Would You Look For In a Perfect Manager, And Why?

    Publicat: 26.09.2023

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The C1 Speaking Podcast is designed to help you articulate your thoughts on real-world topics. It is hosted by me, Kristian, a certified CELTA teacher who achieved Grade A in the Cambridge C2 Proficiency Exam. I hope you enjoy the podcast and that it helps you to improve your English. If you want free transcripts, visit: c1speakingcourse.com.I also host the C1 Speaking Podcast PREMIUM. Support this podcast with a monthly membership and get access to all PREMIUM episodes. By supporting me with a monthly subscription, you’ll help me to make more episodes.You’ll get exclusive access to my show feed, including transcripts and any bonus episodes I release. Visit my Patreon site for more information: patreon.com/csppremiumNB I have no affiliation, connection, approval or endorsement from Cambridge Assessment or any of the official Cambridge C1 Advanced partners.

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