Collective Choices

A podcast by Doru Oprisan


13 Episoade

  1. Ep 13 - Urban Research Moves Into The Fast Lane with Fariya Sharmeen

    Publicat: 09.02.2024
  2. Ep 12 - What's Next After Capitalism with Jennifer Hinton

    Publicat: 23.10.2023
  3. Ep 11 - Is Superhood The Future Tool For Communities? with Markku Mehtälä

    Publicat: 21.09.2023
  4. Ep 10 - How Men And Women Move In Cities with Marianne Weinreich

    Publicat: 24.08.2023
  5. Ep 9 - The World’s First Solar Bakery with Simon Zimmermann

    Publicat: 09.08.2023
  6. Ep 8 - Beyond The 15 Minute City with Carlos Moreno

    Publicat: 11.07.2023
  7. Ep 7 - How A Mobility Expert Moves With Kids feat. Marie Pellas

    Publicat: 03.07.2023
  8. Ep 6 - A Glass Of Wine On The Sidewalk with Mikael Colville-Andersen

    Publicat: 26.05.2023
  9. Ep 5 - Creating the Biggest Wilderness Reserve in Europe with Christoph Promberger

    Publicat: 04.05.2023
  10. Ep 4 - Photography And Conservation with Staffan Widstrand

    Publicat: 14.04.2023
  11. Ep 3 - Life With A Cargo Bike Subscription with Kari Anne Solfjeld Eid

    Publicat: 01.04.2023
  12. Ep 2 - Preferable Futures with Tove Blomgren

    Publicat: 20.03.2023
  13. Ep 1 - How Stockholm Moves with Lars Strömgren

    Publicat: 15.03.2023

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Our future is based on our choices. The ones we make as individuals and also the ones we make as groups, countries and as a species. A peaceful and plentiful future is only possible if we agree on making sustainable choices together. Collective Choices is a podcast that aims to explore both possible solutions to some of our current issues and also the process of reaching agreements for the common good. As more and more people live in cities, these are the key centers that define economic models, political decisions, consumer behavior and mindset shifts with all the eventual global consequences, so we will talk quite a bit about how we can improve life in urban spaces. I am Doru Oprisan, a radio journalist and photographer who loves to ride his bicycle in Stockholm, Sweden. 

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