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  1. Unorthodox frameworks for growing your product, career, and impact | Bangaly Kaba (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Instacart)

    Publicat: 26.05.2024
  2. Why not asking for what you want is holding you back | Kenneth Berger (exec coach, first PM at Slack)

    Publicat: 19.05.2024
  3. Be fundamentally different, not incrementally better | Jag Duggal (Nubank, Facebook, Google, Quantcast)

    Publicat: 16.05.2024
  4. A framework for PM skill development | Vikrama Dhiman (Gojek)

    Publicat: 12.05.2024
  5. Business strategy with Hamilton Helmer (author of 7 Powers)

    Publicat: 05.05.2024
  6. This will make you a better decision maker | Annie Duke (author of “Thinking in Bets” and “Quit”, former pro poker player)

    Publicat: 02.05.2024
  7. Twitter’s former Head of Product opens up: being fired, meeting Elon, changing stagnant culture, building consumer product, more | Kayvon Beykpour

    Publicat: 28.04.2024
  8. How to build deeper, more robust relationships | Carole Robin (Stanford GSB professor, “Touchy Feely”)

    Publicat: 25.04.2024
  9. Vision, conviction, and hype: How to build 0 to 1 inside a company | Mihika Kapoor (Product at Figma)

    Publicat: 21.04.2024
  10. Lessons from 1,000+ YC startups: Resilience, tar pit ideas, pivoting, more | Dalton Caldwell (Y Combinator, Managing Director)

    Publicat: 18.04.2024
  11. The GitLab way: Kindness, transparency, and short toes | David DeSanto (CPO)

    Publicat: 14.04.2024
  12. A framework for finding product-market fit | Todd Jackson (First Round Capital)

    Publicat: 11.04.2024
  13. Bending the universe in your favor | Claire Vo (LaunchDarkly, Color, Optimizely, ChatPRD)

    Publicat: 07.04.2024
  14. Zigging vs. zagging: How HubSpot built a $30B company | Dharmesh Shah (co-founder/CTO)

    Publicat: 04.04.2024
  15. How to speak more confidently and persuasively | Matt Abrahams (professor, podcast host, author, speaker)

    Publicat: 31.03.2024
  16. Kunal Shah on winning in India, second-order thinking, the philosophy of startups, and more

    Publicat: 24.03.2024
  17. The ultimate guide to PR | Emilie Gerber (founder of Six Eastern)

    Publicat: 21.03.2024
  18. The happiness and pain of product management | Noam Lovinsky (Grammarly, Facebook, YouTube, Thumbtack)

    Publicat: 17.03.2024
  19. Product management theater | Marty Cagan (Silicon Valley Product Group)

    Publicat: 10.03.2024
  20. Inside TikTok: Culture, strategy, monetization, and more | Ray Cao (Global Head of Monetization Product Strategy and Operations)

    Publicat: 07.03.2024

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