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  1. How Bad Therapy Can Ruin an Entire Generation (ft. Abigail Shrier)

    Publicat: 10.04.2024
  2. Why It's So Hard to Make Friends as an Adult

    Publicat: 03.04.2024
  3. Founder of Eight Companies Explains: How to Take Massive Action (ft. Noah Kagan)

    Publicat: 27.03.2024
  4. Why Modern Society Makes Us Feel More Lonely

    Publicat: 20.03.2024
  5. Productivity Expert Explains: How to Accomplish Far More While Working Less (ft. Cal Newport)

    Publicat: 13.03.2024
  6. 6 Things to Stop Doing in 2024 to Change Your Life

    Publicat: 06.03.2024
  7. The Surprising Benefits of Working Weird and Awful Jobs (ft. Derek Sivers)

    Publicat: 28.02.2024
  8. 6 Important Truths No One Likes to Hear

    Publicat: 21.02.2024
  9. What Everyone Gets Wrong About Mental Health (ft. Lori Gottlieb)

    Publicat: 14.02.2024
  10. 3 Questions That Determine 99% of Your Happiness

    Publicat: 07.02.2024
  11. The Self-Improvement Paradox: When Trying to Get Better Feels Worse

    Publicat: 31.01.2024
  12. Sex, Drugs, and Money Might Actually Make You Happier (ft. Sonja Lyubomirsky)

    Publicat: 24.01.2024
  13. 5 Life-Changing Lessons From Visiting 75 Countries

    Publicat: 17.01.2024
  14. Why Everyone's Social Skills Are Getting Worse (ft. David Brooks)

    Publicat: 10.01.2024
  15. What Everyone Gets Wrong About Goals

    Publicat: 04.01.2024
  16. How to Enjoy Doing Hard Things (ft. Ali Abdaal)

    Publicat: 27.12.2023
  17. How to Stop Wasting Your Life (ft. Oliver Burkeman)

    Publicat: 20.12.2023
  18. 7 Paradoxes That Will Change How You See Everything

    Publicat: 13.12.2023
  19. How to Give Up Everything to Save Yourself (ft. Matt from Yes Theory)

    Publicat: 07.12.2023
  20. 7 Life Lessons I Wish I Knew Sooner

    Publicat: 29.11.2023

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Best-selling author Mark Manson brings his irreverent, hard-hitting style right to your ear holes with life advice that doesn't suck. ㅤ Featuring a mix of guest appearances, burning reader questions, and solo shows with just Mark and a microphone, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck Podcast explores all the uncomfortable questions that, if you're brave enough to ask yourself, might just change your life. ㅤ Whether it's your relationship, career, health, wealth, or happiness, Mark tackles it all with refreshing honesty and a dash of foul-mouthed humor.

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