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  1. The Magellanic Clouds: astronomers make the case for a name change

    Publicat: 18.01.2024
  2. Award-winning technology allows a paralysed person to walk, new journal focuses on sustainability

    Publicat: 12.01.2024
  3. Company uses quantum optics to generate sequences of truly random numbers

    Publicat: 04.01.2024
  4. Paul Howarth: how we can get politicians to engage with nuclear power

    Publicat: 14.12.2023
  5. Top 10 Breakthroughs of 2023: we explore this year’s best physics research

    Publicat: 07.12.2023
  6. Why Alice & Bob are making cat qubits, IOP calls for action on net-zero target

    Publicat: 30.11.2023
  7. Biomedical ethicist calls for rules governing human research in commercial spaceflight

    Publicat: 23.11.2023
  8. New telecoms satellites will degrade our view of the cosmos

    Publicat: 16.11.2023
  9. New director looks to the future of the UK’s national labs

    Publicat: 09.11.2023
  10. Celebrating the physics of the cosmos and 20 years of JCAP

    Publicat: 02.11.2023
  11. Pioneering the physics of adaptation, writing the history of quantum computing

    Publicat: 26.10.2023
  12. Quantum algorithms make clever use of noisy hardware

    Publicat: 19.10.2023
  13. Fusion industry has ambitious plans for 2035, rounding out this year’s Nobel prizes

    Publicat: 12.10.2023
  14. Attosecond pulses and quantum dots: exploring the physics behind this year’s Nobel prizes

    Publicat: 05.10.2023
  15. Scanning the seabed with lasers could inform the search for extraterrestrial intelligence

    Publicat: 28.09.2023
  16. Astrophysicist uses X-rays to explore the universe, heat pumps could prevent potholes  

    Publicat: 21.09.2023
  17. Challenging the space industry’s attitudes towards diversity, the ‘wild boar paradox’ explained

    Publicat: 14.09.2023
  18. Quantum-safe cryptography: why we need it now

    Publicat: 07.09.2023
  19. Mathematics makes sense of the modern world

    Publicat: 31.08.2023
  20. Metasurfaces simplify optical sensing systems

    Publicat: 24.08.2023

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