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  1. “Top Cosmetic Tips for Autologous Breast Reconstruction” with Meredith Collins MD

    Publicat: 23.07.2024
  2. “Finding the Marginal Mandibular Branch” with Ruben Kannan MD

    Publicat: 09.07.2024
  3. “Exploring the Pedicled Latissimus Dorsi Myocutaneous Flap in Breast Reconstruction” with Wai-Yee Li MD

    Publicat: 25.06.2024
  4. “Can We Reduce Morbidity using Robotics in Breast Reconstruction?” with Maximillian Kueckelhaus MD

    Publicat: 11.06.2024
  5. “What Is the Importance of Social Media in Plastic Surgery Matching?” with Samuel Lin MD and Alan Yang - a Resident Ambassador Special Edition

    Publicat: 31.05.2024
  6. “What is The Rate of Amputation in Electrical Burns?” with Matesebia Abebe MD

    Publicat: 14.05.2024
  7. “What Are the Clinical Applications of Keystone Perforator Island Flaps” with Christopher Homsy MD

    Publicat: 30.04.2024
  8. "VSP in Complex Craniosynostosis” with Thomas Imahiyerobo MD

    Publicat: 16.04.2024
  9. “The Value of a Co-surgeon” with Oscar Manrique MD and Andres Mascaro MD

    Publicat: 02.04.2024
  10. “Is Dermal Sling the Best Breast Reconstruction Solution” with Dr. Ferruccio Paganini

    Publicat: 19.03.2024
  11. “Discussing Informed Consent in Plastic Surgery” with Dr. Rodney Cooter

    Publicat: 05.03.2024
  12. “Robotic Breast Reconstruction” with Dr. Neil Tanna

    Publicat: 20.02.2024
  13. “Sentinel Lymph Node Staging in Melanoma: What’s the Gold Standard?” with Marcello Molle

    Publicat: 06.02.2024
  14. "Using Artificial Intelligence to Write a Paper" with Hatan Mortada

    Publicat: 23.01.2024
  15. “Augmented Reality in Education” with Blake Murphy MD - a Resident Ambassador Special Edition

    Publicat: 09.01.2024
  16. “Establishing Microsurgery Services in Low Income Countries” with Ian Shyaka MD

    Publicat: 12.12.2023
  17. “Wealth Management for Plastic Surgeons” with Brett Janis and Neil Tanna MD

    Publicat: 28.11.2023
  18. “Enhancing Perforator Identification with Augmented Reality” with Ishith Seth MD and Peter Sinkjaer Kenney MD

    Publicat: 14.11.2023
  19. “Transverse or Diagonal: What Is the Best PAP Flap?” with Robert J. Allen Jr MD

    Publicat: 31.10.2023
  20. “Fighting Plastic Surgery Burnout” with Nelson Rodriguez-Unda MD - a Resident Ambassador Special Edition

    Publicat: 17.10.2023

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