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  1. The Magic of Chemistry with Kate the Chemist

    Publicat: 14.05.2024
  2. The Science of MDMA with Ben Rein

    Publicat: 10.05.2024
  3. Cosmic Queries – Bits of Spacetime with Janna Levin

    Publicat: 07.05.2024
  4. Cosmic Queries – Physics All Around Us

    Publicat: 03.05.2024
  5. Low-Mass Mania with Emily Rice

    Publicat: 30.04.2024
  6. Stars Talk to Neil – Alien Love

    Publicat: 26.04.2024
  7. Debating Pluto's Planethood with Alan Stern

    Publicat: 23.04.2024
  8. Eyes in the Sky with Larissa Rodrigues & Jennifer Holm

    Publicat: 16.04.2024
  9. Cosmic Queries – Black Hole Time Cloak with Charles Liu

    Publicat: 12.04.2024
  10. Things You Thought You Knew – The Geometric Universe

    Publicat: 09.04.2024
  11. Eclipses, Cosmic Cataclysms, and More with Janna Levin

    Publicat: 05.04.2024
  12. Cosmic Queries – Planck Lengths to Supermassive Black Holes with Matt O’Dowd

    Publicat: 02.04.2024
  13. Staying Curious with William Shatner

    Publicat: 26.03.2024
  14. Is Aging a Disease? Epigenetics with David Sinclair

    Publicat: 22.03.2024
  15. Cosmic Queries – Infinite Quarks

    Publicat: 19.03.2024
  16. Cosmic Queries – Out There

    Publicat: 15.03.2024
  17. Do We Have Free Will? with Robert Sapolsky

    Publicat: 12.03.2024
  18. Stars Talk to Neil – Reversing Earth’s Rotation

    Publicat: 08.03.2024
  19. Breaking Down Oppenheimer with Brian Greene

    Publicat: 05.03.2024
  20. Neil’s Guide to Heat Transfer Physics

    Publicat: 27.02.2024

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Science, pop culture, and comedy collide on StarTalk Radio! Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist and Director of New York's Hayden Planetarium, and his comic co-hosts, guest celebrities, and scientific experts explore astronomy, physics, and everything else there is to know about life in the universe. New episodes premiere Tuesdays. Keep Looking Up!

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