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  1. Bravery, brilliance and RuPaul Charles | On the Spot

    Publicat: 19.07.2024
  2. Why young people are worse off than their parents — and what to do about it | Scott Galloway and Chris Anderson

    Publicat: 18.07.2024
  3. Quantum computers aren’t what you think — they’re cooler | Hartmut Neven

    Publicat: 17.07.2024
  4. Can America come together after the Trump assassination attempt? | Ian Bremmer

    Publicat: 16.07.2024
  5. My search for proof aliens exist | Avi Loeb

    Publicat: 15.07.2024
  6. Sunday Pick: Mexico City

    Publicat: 14.07.2024
  7. How farmworkers are fighting extreme heat | Jon Esformes and Gerardo Reyes Chávez

    Publicat: 13.07.2024
  8. 3 ideas for communicating across the political divide | Isaac Saul

    Publicat: 12.07.2024
  9. The alchemy of pop | Kesha

    Publicat: 11.07.2024
  10. The fight over minerals for green energy — and a better way forward | Saleem Ali

    Publicat: 10.07.2024
  11. AI that connects the digital and physical worlds | Anima Anandkumar

    Publicat: 09.07.2024
  12. Lessons from my father’s final days | Laurel Braitman

    Publicat: 08.07.2024
  13. Reducing toxic polarization – one conversation at a time | Dave Isay

    Publicat: 07.07.2024
  14. The secret ingredients of great hospitality | Will Guidara

    Publicat: 06.07.2024
  15. Could psychedelics help patients in therapy? | Benjamin Lewis

    Publicat: 05.07.2024
  16. Democracy requires disagreement. Here's how to do it better | Bret Stephens and Yordanos Eyoel

    Publicat: 04.07.2024
  17. Magic and wonder in the age of AI | David Kwong

    Publicat: 03.07.2024
  18. A 3-step guide to believing in yourself | Sheryl Lee Ralph

    Publicat: 02.07.2024
  19. Next up for AI? Dancing robots | Catie Cuan

    Publicat: 01.07.2024
  20. TED Talks Daily Book Club: Horse Barbie | Geena Rocero

    Publicat: 30.06.2024

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