The Brink Podcast

A podcast by Matthew Ridge and David Ring


3 Episoade

  1. #3 - Discrimination And The Life It Changed

    Publicat: 16.07.2024
  2. #2 - Are we offended yet?

    Publicat: 07.07.2024
  3. #1 - Matthew Ridge & David Ring introduce The Brink

    Publicat: 29.06.2024

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Ex-All Black Matthew Ridge and his quirky sidekick David Ring team up from the sunny South of France to push boundaries and tackle the tough stuff. Expect unfiltered opinions, humor, and chaos as they dissect norms, challenge stereotypes, and ask the awkward questions. Buckle up for a cheeky antidote to cancel culture and a wild ride through the madness of the modern world. Join the odd couple nobody knew they needed—it's a car crash you won't want to miss.

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