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  1. Getting kids excited about the Bible with Amanda Jass

    Publicat: 16.07.2024
  2. Finding joy in every season of motherhood with Jenna Griffith

    Publicat: 09.07.2024
  3. Parenting with faith and humor with Leeann Dearing and Michelle Fortin

    Publicat: 02.07.2024
  4. Integrating faith in your kid’s sports with Andy Dooley

    Publicat: 25.06.2024
  5. Singing God's Word with Ellie Holcomb

    Publicat: 18.06.2024
  6. What our homes can teach us about Jesus with Caroline Saunders

    Publicat: 11.06.2024
  7. Navigating grief with grace with J.S. Park

    Publicat: 04.06.2024
  8. Opting out of technology with Erin Loechner

    Publicat: 28.05.2024
  9. Teaching Etiquette & Manners with Jennifer L. Scott

    Publicat: 21.05.2024
  10. Clear Clutter, Clear Mind. Home Organization Tips with Kristen Stokes

    Publicat: 14.05.2024
  11. From anxious and tired to joyful and peaceful with Bethany Kimsey

    Publicat: 07.05.2024
  12. A legacy of faith, balancing life, and passing on beliefs with Casey Hilty

    Publicat: 30.04.2024
  13. Embracing the uniqueness of each child with Jessica Hurlbut

    Publicat: 23.04.2024
  14. Strengthening the foundation of our families with Arlene Pellicane

    Publicat: 16.04.2024
  15. Navigating loneliness with grace with Max Lucado

    Publicat: 09.04.2024
  16. Creating a home where kids thrive with Melissa Kruger

    Publicat: 02.04.2024
  17. Raising our kids to be world changers with Carlos Whittaker

    Publicat: 26.03.2024
  18. Cultivating resilience: Dr. Charles Fay on Raising Mentally Strong Kids

    Publicat: 19.03.2024
  19. Embracing the funny & imperfect in parenting with Molly Stillman

    Publicat: 12.03.2024
  20. Where are you finding your identity? with Becky Beresford

    Publicat: 05.03.2024

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As believing parents, we know how important it is to raise our kids with love and intentionality. We want to give our kids a full picture of God’s love for them every day! But some days, it’s really hard! We are stretched thin, tired, and often feel unequipped. The Christian Parenting Podcast gives parents the space and resources to set aside perfection and grow into the perfectly imperfect parents God made them to be. Join host Steph Thurling and her guests as they discuss practical tips and spiritual guidance for your parenting journey.

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