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  1. Moment 156: Your Stress Is Making you Fat & Sick... Here's How To Fix It!

    Publicat: 05.04.2024
  2. Tim Dillon (Comedian): "The Boomers Are A Selfish Generation!". "Gen Z Has Exposed Society's Scam!". "Bosses Are Being Threatened By Mental Illnesses!"

    Publicat: 04.04.2024
  3. The Better-Sex Doctor: The Link Between Masturbating & Prostate Cancer! This Is The Perfect Amount Of Times To Have Sex! Strong Pelvic Floor = Better Sex! Dr Rena Malik

    Publicat: 01.04.2024
  4. Moment 155: The "Post Date 8" Questions You Need To Ask To Find 'The One' - Logan Ury

    Publicat: 29.03.2024
  5. The Gottman Doctors: "Women Tend to Be More Unhappily Married", 96% Of Non-Cuddlers Have An Awful Sex Life & Why One Night Stands Are Dangerous!

    Publicat: 28.03.2024
  6. George Heaton (Represent Founder): From My Garden Shed To $100m Business Empire! "Work Life Balance Is Bullshit!", "That Letter Was The End Of Represent!"

    Publicat: 24.03.2024
  7. Moment 154: The Truth About Quiet Quitting: Simon Sinek

    Publicat: 22.03.2024
  8. The Childhood Trauma Doctor: Your Childhood Trauma Changes The Shape Of Your Brain & Causes Parkinson's! How Not To Ruin Your Kids! Dr. Paul Conti

    Publicat: 21.03.2024
  9. The Manipulation Expert: "You're Being Manipulated!", "Use Jealousy To Manipulate People!" & "How To Know If Someone Hates You!"

    Publicat: 18.03.2024
  10. Moment 153: Happiness Engineer Explains The Exact Formula For Happiness: Mo Gowdat

    Publicat: 15.03.2024
  11. The Calories Expert: "Health Experts Are Wrong About Calories!" "The Surprising Benefits Of Diet Coke!" & "The Link Between Obesity & Past Abuse!"

    Publicat: 14.03.2024
  12. The Relationship Therapist: "This Statistically Is The Best Age To Get Married So You Don't Get A Divorce!", "Men Should Not Split The Bill", "80% Of Women Want Men Over 6ft When Only 15% Are 6ft!"

    Publicat: 11.03.2024
  13. Moment 152: The Top 4 Most Successful Stories From Women in Business!

    Publicat: 08.03.2024
  14. The Male Psychology Doctor: “There Is A Crisis Going On With Men!", “We’ve Produced Millions Of Lonely, Addicted Males!”, “The Ugly Truth About What’s Really Behind Toxic Masculinity”

    Publicat: 07.03.2024
  15. CIA Spy: "Leave The USA Before 2030!", "Why You Shouldn't Trust Your Gut!", "I Held The Nuclear Codes Around My Neck" - Andrew Bustamante

    Publicat: 04.03.2024
  16. Moment 151: Neuroscientist Reveals The 3 Things You Need To Do For A Fulfilling Life: Tali Sharot

    Publicat: 01.03.2024
  17. The Narcissism Doctor: "1 In 6 People Are Narcissists!", "Are Narcissists Better In Bed?", "Can A Narcissist Change? - Dr. Ramani Durvasula

    Publicat: 29.02.2024
  18. The Muscle Growth Doctor: "The Anti-Ageing Cure No One Is Talking About!", "Exercising At Night Is A Terrible Idea!", "Your Grip Strength Predicts Chronic Diseases!" - Andy Galpin

    Publicat: 26.02.2024
  19. Moment 150: The REAL (& Usually Unseen) Reason You’re Struggling With Love & Relationships!: Logan Ury

    Publicat: 23.02.2024
  20. The Money Making Expert: The Exact Formula For Turning $100 Into $100k Per Month! 10x Your Income Without Working Harder! The Waiting List Hack That Will Make You Millions!

    Publicat: 22.02.2024

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A few years ago I was a broke, university dropout, at 18 I built an industry leading social media marketing company, and at 27 I resigned as CEO. At 28 I co-founded Flight Story – a marketing and communications company, and thirdweb - a software platform, making it easy to build web3 applications. I then launched private equity fund, Flight Fund, to accelerate the next generation of European unicorns. During this time I decided to launch 'The Diary Of A CEO' podcast with the simple mission of providing an unfiltered journey into the remarkable stories and untold dimensions of the world’s most influential people, experts and thinkers. Thank you for listening. My New Book: IG: LI:

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