The Missing 49 Million

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  1. Genesis | 2

    Publicat: 14.07.2024
  2. Judgment Day | 1

    Publicat: 07.07.2024
  3. Introducing: The Missing 49 Million

    Publicat: 28.06.2024

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The story of one Aussie man, the secret code he claimed to find buried in the Bible and 49 million dollars of investors' money that's gone missing. Gold Coast businessman Alan Metcalfe said his tech company had found the secret to artificial intelligence. He convinced hundreds of people to part with their life savings but when Alan died, no one knew what had happened to their money.  Join Alex Turner-Cohen as she tries to find the missing millions, uncovering the wild story behind the company Alan promised would one day be “bigger than Google”. Episode 1 releases on Monday, 8th July.  The Missing $49 Million is an 8-part investigative series by, hosted by award-winning Finance Reporter Alex Turner-Cohen. Read more on this story at Subscribe to Crime X+ listen to this podcast ad-free.  Follow us on socials: Instagram: @newscomauhq Facebook: TikTok:

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