Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates

A podcast by Gates Notes - Joi


8 Episoade

  1. Episode 7: Hannah Ritchie

    Publicat: 01.02.2024
  2. Episode 6: Sam Altman

    Publicat: 11.01.2024
  3. Episode 5: Yejin Choi

    Publicat: 16.11.2023
  4. Episode 4: John McWhorter

    Publicat: 07.09.2023
  5. Episode 3: Questlove

    Publicat: 24.08.2023
  6. Episode 2: Sal Khan

    Publicat: 10.08.2023
  7. Episode 1: Seth Rogen & Lauren Miller Rogen

    Publicat: 27.07.2023
  8. Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates | Trailer

    Publicat: 28.06.2023

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What do you do when you can’t solve a problem? I like to talk to smart people who can help me understand the subject better. I call this process “getting unconfused”—and I think it is one of the best ways to learn something new. In my new podcast, I try to get unconfused about some of the things that fascinate me. Join me on my learning journey as I talk to brilliant guests about Alzheimer’s disease, marijuana, plant-based meat, the evolution of language, and more. 

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