UnF*ck Your Brain: Feminist Self-Help for Everyone

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  1. 347. Confidence, Happiness & Self-Safety

    Publicat: 20.06.2024
  2. 346. Why Rest & Pleasure Can Be Hard - But Are Keys to Being Happy

    Publicat: 13.06.2024
  3. Feminist Dating Advice with Lily Womble

    Publicat: 11.06.2024
  4. 345. What is Happiness?

    Publicat: 06.06.2024
  5. Kicking Patriarchy Out of Our Brains in the Workplace: A Conversation with Bonnie Hammer

    Publicat: 01.06.2024
  6. Take Back Your Brain!

    Publicat: 01.06.2024
  7. 344. Mentally Strong Women: An Interview with Amy Morin

    Publicat: 30.05.2024
  8. 343. THE BOOK IS OUT TODAY! (And Why Accomplishments Can Feel Anticlimactic and That’s OK)

    Publicat: 23.05.2024
  9. Radical Acceptance and Action (TBYB Sneak Peek Ch 10)

    Publicat: 20.05.2024
  10. 342. Creating Your Feminist Future Self - and The Future World (Feminist Mindset Principles Series Ep 8)

    Publicat: 16.05.2024
  11. How to Get Everything Done With Ease (TBYB Sneak Peek Ch 9)

    Publicat: 13.05.2024
  12. 341. What to Change Today to Change Your Actions Tomorrow (Feminist Mindset Principles Series Ep 7)

    Publicat: 09.05.2024
  13. Better Money Thoughts (TBYB Sneak Peak Ch 8)

    Publicat: 06.05.2024
  14. 340. How to Change Your Brain & Beliefs (Feminist Mindset Principles Series Ep 6)

    Publicat: 02.05.2024
  15. How to Feel Calm & Sexy In Your Love Life! (TBYB Sneak Peek Ch 7)

    Publicat: 29.04.2024
  16. 339. How to Feel Better (Or At Least Less Bad) (Feminist Mindset Principles Series Ep 5)

    Publicat: 25.04.2024
  17. Perfectionism & Validation (TBYB Sneak Peek Ch 6)

    Publicat: 22.04.2024
  18. Announcing: My book tour this May!

    Publicat: 20.04.2024
  19. 338. Why It Doesn’t Matter If Your Thoughts Are True (Feminist Mindset Principles Series Ep 4)

    Publicat: 18.04.2024
  20. Your Body Manifesto (TBYB Sneak Peek Ch 5)

    Publicat: 16.04.2024

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UnF*ck Your Brain: Feminist Self-Help for Everyone breaks down the centuries of sexist socialization that causes us to struggle with self-doubt, burnout, and anxiety. Hosted by Master Feminist Coach Kara Loewentheil, J.D., founder of The School of New Feminist Thought and author of Take Back Your Brain (Penguin 2024), each episode teaches you how to turn down the noise of societal expectations, turn up the volume on what YOU really want in life, and change your thinking to make sure you go get it. This podcast is an essential resource for anyone eager to embrace a life free from limiting beliefs and societal constraints. If you ever find yourself asking questions like… *Why am I so anxious about stuff that isn’t a big deal? *How can I stop overthinking everything? *Am I selfish for wanting my life to look different? *Will I ever feel comfortable in my body? *Am I a bad parent? *How can I ask for more money at work? *Can I stop people-pleasing? *How can my partner and I communicate better? … then you won’t want to miss an episode. Visit schoolofnewfeministthought.com to learn more about The School of New Feminist Thought and more.

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