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Losing weight isn't easy. It takes a lot of commitment

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Losing weight isn't easy. It takes a lot of commitment. It’s common for anyone trying to lose weight to want to shed it fast. Yet, exercise or strenuous physical activities don't always cut it. Some people struggle to shed due to medical conditions and physical limitations. For some, weight loss surgery is the answer. Should you consider going under the knife? The answers are on VSG Tea with Sammi and Bre. This show covers the pre-op, post-op, and everything between weight loss surgery. Learn all about plastic surgery, calorie intake, workouts, gastric sleeve, and gastric bypass. You'll feel empowered through their educational tips on health, beauty, skincare, fashion, and beyond. A single mother of one, Samantha Rawley underwent a gastric sleeve procedure in September 2018 to kickstart her weight loss. In November 2018, she developed a rare condition called BeriBeri which is a vitamin B1 deficiency that caused her to lose feeling from her waist down, and almost took Samantha's life. Now known as @therealslimsammii, Samantha shares her journey of losing 203 pounds in 13 months, and covers all things weight loss, plastic surgery and mental health on Instagram and YouTube. Breanna Armstrong is the owner of a growing social media and influencer management agency, specializing in the beauty industry. She has created a successful career for herself and works with some of the biggest brands and influencers in beauty. On a personal level, Breanna turned to surgery for health reasons. She has PCOS and wants to have kids someday, which many mothers can relate to. You may find her on YouTube and Instagram as @thebresg, where she has documents her entire journey from pre-op to post-op. With their passions and experiences combined, Sammi and Bre join forces to empower you to go on the weight loss journey with them. You don’t have to feel bad about opting for weight loss surgery. Release feelings of fear and loneliness, because they've got your back. Join the conversation and discover real, inspirational success stories. Sammi and Bre have been through it all! You'll fall in love with their fun personalities and authentic friendship. They're here for you through the highs and lows. Get an inside look at their pre- and post-op experiences and the things they wish they knew before surgery. Enjoy fun WLS product taste tests, heartwarming moments (like their foster care episode), and serious topics like mental health. They cover it all, including how to handle your social life. Speaking of which, you'll meet Sammi and Bre's friends who are also heavy-hitting influencers in the industry. You may even score some special discount deals! In each episode, you'll hear personal advice and educational moments. Learn how to love yourself. Get educated and inspired to lose weight here on VSG Tea with your dynamic duo, Sammi and Bre.