Wartime Stories

A podcast by Ballen Studios


5 Episoade

  1. The Kersey Time Slip

    Publicat: 15.07.2024
  2. The Choctaw Killings

    Publicat: 08.07.2024
  3. The Scout Rangers and the Aswang

    Publicat: 06.07.2024
  4. Pale Crawlers

    Publicat: 06.07.2024
  5. Introducing: Wartime Stories

    Publicat: 20.06.2024

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Every soldier has a story. Some, they try to forget. Others, they can’t stop thinking about – stories that no one else would believe happened. Something that terrified them. Something they cannot explain.From Ballen Studios, and hosted by Marine Corp Reconnaissance veteran, Luke Lamana, this is Wartime Stories. A weekly podcast that is a mix of horror, mystery, and awe inspiring tales. Where the strange, dark & mysterious meets the battlefield and beyond. New episodes every Monday.Share your stories: [email protected]

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