Imperfections, Nuance, and Humanity with comedian Alex Edelman

A Bit of Optimism - A podcast by iHeartPodcasts - Marți


Great comedians have the ability to point out some of the madness, ridiculousness, and nuance that exists in the world. Alex Edelman is already one of the greats.  His current show, "Just For Us," is a transformative experience for his audiences, as he regales them with his experience as an unwelcome interloper at a meeting for white supremacists.   Our conversation was just as enlightening. We discussed how imperfections are beautiful, how seeing humanity in others is the first step to peace, and if IHOP is good, evil, or something in-between.  This is...A Bit of Optimism.  For more on Alex and his work check out: for privacy information.

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