Redemption with charity founder Scott Harrison

A Bit of Optimism - A podcast by iHeartPodcasts - Marți


The thrills of pleasure-seeking don't last long before we need even more. And when the excitement isn't enough, what is? Scott Harrison's life as an elite nightclub promoter was an unending cycle of drinking, drugs, models, and fast cars. After ten years, his vices caught up with him, and a health scare forced him to reflect on his life. Scott felt decadent, wasteful, and morally bankrupt. He decided to completely reverse course. Scott spent the next 2 years in West Africa on board a nonprofit hospital ship, where he saw a level of human suffering that led him to his true calling. Today, solving the global water crisis is Scott's life's work, and he's built one of the most trusted nonprofits in the world to do just that. His organization charity: water has raised over $750 million, helping more than 17.4 million people access clean drinking water. Scott shares with me the painful road that led to his transformation and why living a life of service can be a path toward redemption. A Bit of Optimism   If you would like to help solve the global water crisis, visit:   For more on Scott, check out: his book ThirstSee for privacy information.

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