Dr. Gabrielle Lyon: How to Exercise & Eat for Optimal Health & Longevity

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In this episode, my guest is Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, D.O., a board-certified physician who did her clinical and research training at Washington University in geriatrics and nutrition. She is also an expert in how diet and exercise impact muscle and whole-body health and longevity. Dr. Lyon is a bestselling author and public educator. We discuss how healthy skeletal muscle promotes longevity, brain health, disease prevention, ideal body composition, and the health of other organs and bodily systems. She makes specific nutritional recommendations for optimal health: what to eat, how much to eat, the timing of meals, the essential need for adequate quality protein (including animal and plant-based options), supplementation, and how our dietary requirements change with age. She explains why specific types of resistance training are essential to build and maintain muscle and overall metabolic health. She also describes how to include resistance training as part of your exercise regimen — regardless of age or sex.  She also provides specific mindset tools to encourage sustained adherence to healthy eating and exercise practices. Women and men of all ages will benefit from Dr. Lyon’s practical, evidence-based protocols to improve muscle and whole-body appearance, function, and health. Access the full show notes, including referenced articles, books, people mentioned, and additional resources at hubermanlab.com. Andrew's New Book Protocols: An Operating Manual for the Human Body: https://protocolsbook.com Thank you to our sponsors AG1: https://drinkag1.com/huberman Maui Nui Venison: https://mauinuivenison.com/huberman  Levels: https://levels.link/huberman  Helix Sleep: https://helixsleep.com/huberman InsideTracker: https://insidetracker.com/huberman  Timestamps 00:00:00 Protocols Book; Dr. Gabrielle Lyon 00:03:23 Sponsors: Maui Nui, Levels & Helix Sleep 00:07:40 Skeletal Muscle & Longevity 00:11:25 “Under-muscled”, Leucine & Muscle Health 00:15:55 Muscle Health 00:19:45 Tool: Carbohydrate Consumption & Activity, Glycogen 00:25:14 Tools: Nutrition for Healthy Skeletal Muscle, First Meal 00:31:57 Sponsor: AG1 00:33:46 Quality Protein, Animal & Plant-Based Proteins 00:37:36 Dietary Protein Recommendations, Meal Threshold 00:41:19 Muscle Health & Aging 00:46:02 Supplements & Creatine; Dietary Protein 00:50:07 Tool: Dietary Protein Recommendation; Gout & Cancer Risk 00:52:43 Effects of Dietary Protein & Exercise on Body Composition 01:03:06 Thermic Effects, Protein  01:05:02 Sponsor: InsideTracker 01:06:14 Protein & Satiety, Insulin & Glucose 01:12:04 Tool: Older Adults, Resistance Training & Dietary Protein 01:17:48 Dietary Protein, mTOR & Cancer Risk 01:21:36 Muscle Span & Aging, Sedentary Behaviors 01:24:00 Mixed Meals, Protein Quality, Fiber 01:29:21 Inactivity & Insulin Resistance, Inflammation 01:38:43 Exercise & Myokines, Brain Health & BDNF 01:44:11 Tool: Resistance Training Protocols, Hypertrophy, “High Ground” 01:52:51 High Ground Exercises; Tendon Strength; Training Duration, Blue Zones 01:58:19 Movement, Exercise & Older Adults 02:04:25 Tool: Protein Timing & Resistance Training; VO2 Max, Aging, Blood Work 02:11:13 Supplements: Creatine, Urolithin A, Whey Protein, Fish Oil, Collagen 02:20:18 Fasting, Older Adults; Tool: Meal Timing 02:25:18 Animal Proteins & Dairy; Organ Meats, Vegan; Magnesium, Zinc 02:30:59 Medications & Muscle Health 02:32:49 Obesity & GLP-1 Analogs, Ozempic, Mounjaro, Skeletal Muscle 02:40:48 Benefits of Skeletal Muscle & Aging 02:42:16 Tools: Nutrition & Resistance Training for Muscle Health 02:45:44 Mindset Tools: Standards vs. Goals; Vulnerability Points 02:52:00 Mindset Tools: Neutrality; Health & Worth 03:01:14 Zero-Cost Support, Spotify & Apple Follow & Reviews, YouTube Feedback, Social Media, Neural Network Newsletter, Protocols Book Disclaimer

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