How to Improve Skin Health & Appearance

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In this episode, I discuss skin health and appearance and why both are important indicators of the health status of your immune system, gut microbiome, and other organ systems. I explain why sunlight is essential for skin and hormone health and how excessive sunlight can accelerate skin aging and cause certain skin cancers. I discuss the different types of sunscreens (physical, chemical, and mineral-based) and potential health concerns of the chemicals found in some (but not all) sunscreens. I also discuss the importance of getting your skin (and not just moles) checked for pre-cancerous and cancer growths, the role of nutrition and lifestyle factors that improve skin health and appearance, and how to improve your skin by reducing local and systemic inflammation and supporting your microbiome.  I explain what works to improve your skin's youthfulness and appearance, including reducing wrinkles, sagging, and pore size. I review the data on ingesting (or topically applied) collagen, vitamin C, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and retinol, and what is known about the use of peptides (e.g., BPC-157, copper peptides) and red and far-red light phototherapies for improving skin health and appearance. I also discuss the causes of acne, rosacea, and psoriasis and explain nutritional, skin care, and prescription-based approaches to treating these common skin conditions. This episode ought to help everyone better understand the biology of the skin and help them make the best possible decisions for their skin health, care, and appearance according to age, goals, and current skin conditions. Access the full show notes, including referenced articles, books, people mentioned, and additional resources at Andrew's New Book Protocols: An Operating Manual for the Human Body: Thank you to our sponsors AG1: Joovv: BetterHelp:  ROKA:  LMNT:  Timestamps 00:00:00 Skin Health 00:02:59 Sponsors: Joovv, BetterHelp & ROKA  00:07:18 Skin Biology, Skin Layers 00:12:40 Sun Exposure, UV Light & Skin Cancers; Sunscreen 00:19:51 Aging, Sun Exposure, Skin Cancers, Physical Barriers 00:27:24 Sunburn & Skin Cancers 00:30:09 Sponsor: AG1 00:31:58 Vitamin D, Sun Exposure & Sunscreen 00:36:50 Organic (Chemical) Sunscreen & Inorganic (Mineral-Based) Sunscreen 00:49:20 Skin Cancers, Moles, Laser Resurfacing 00:53:59 Sponsor: LMNT 00:55:34 Sun Exposure, Melanoma & Life Expectancy 01:03:13 Tool: Youthful Skin, Collagen & Vitamin C 01:12:55 Peptides, BPC-157, Copper 01:20:58 Tool: Niacinamide (Nicotinamide), Youthful Skin, Dark Spots, Hyaluronic Acid 01:26:25 Tool: Retinol (Retin-A, Tretinoin, Retinyl Esters), Youthful Skin 01:33:07 Tool: Phototherapy, Youthful Skin, Treating Skin Conditions 01:41:10 Tool: Nutrition for Skin Health, Anti-Inflammatory Diets 01:47:54 Highly Processed Foods, Advanced Glycation End Products & Skin Health 01:52:08 Tools: Reduce Inflammation: Gut Microbiome, Sleep, Alcohol, Smoking, Stress 01:58:58 Acne, Hormones & Insulin; Tool: Low Glycemic Diet, Dairy 02:07:26 Tools: Face Cleansing & Acne; Scarring & Popping Pimples 02:13:29 Tool: Treating Rosacea, Alcohol, Skin Care, Nutrition 02:18:31 Stubborn Rosacea, Over Cleansing, Pulsed Dye Laser 02:21:04 Psoriasis Treatment, Immune System & Prescriptions 02:25:24 Zero-Cost Support, YouTube, Spotify & Apple Follow & Reviews, YouTube Feedback, Protocols Book, Social Media, Neural Network Newsletter Disclaimer

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