LIVE EVENT Q&A: Dr. Andrew Huberman at the ICC Sydney Theatre

Huberman Lab - A podcast by Scicomm Media - Luni

Recently I had the pleasure of hosting a live event in Sydney, Australia. This event was part of a lecture series called The Brain Body Contract. My favorite part of the evening was the question and answer period, where I had the opportunity to answer questions from the attendees of each event. Included here is the Q&A from our event at the ICC Sydney Theatre. Sign up to get notified about future events: Thank you to our sponsors AG1: Eight Sleep: Timestamps 00:00 Introduction 00:15 Live Event Recap: The Brain Body Contract 00:32 Sponsors: AG1 & Eight Sleep 03:30 Q&A Session Begins: Napping and Sleep Quality 06:34 The Power of the Placebo Effect 11:31 Entering Rest and Digest State: Techniques and Tools 15:35 Muscle Growth, Learning & the Brain 20:13 Hallucinogens: Personal Experiences & Clinical Insights 27:28 The Misunderstood Effects of MDMA 27:42 Exploring the Potential of MDMA in Clinical Settings 29:25 The Complex World of Psychedelics & Mental Health 30:07 Ketamine: From Misconception to Medical Use 31:53 The Fascinating Science of DMT 33:11 Supporting Science: Funding & Future Directions 34:48 The Gut-Brain Axis: A Key to Overall Health 40:41 Sleep Patterns and Chronotypes: Personalizing Rest 42:50 Addressing ADHD & Focus in the Modern World 49:27 Closing Remarks & Gratitude Disclaimer

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