Perform with Dr. Andy Galpin: How & Why to Strengthen Your Heart & Cardiovascular Fitness

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I'm honored to share the first episode of the new podcast, Perform with Dr. Andy Galpin. Dr. Andy Galpin is a tenured full professor at California State University, Fullerton, where he co-directs the Center for Sport Performance and leads the Biochemistry and Molecular Exercise Physiology Laboratory. Andy is both a friend and a colleague, and I’m delighted to have assisted in the creation of this podcast. I'm certain you'll both enjoy and learn from it. Season 1 features 10 episodes, airing every Wednesday for 10 weeks. Dr. Galpin will cover everything from building strength, the importance of strength for long-term health, the science of breathing, the benefits of sleep extension, genetic testing for personalized training, and nutrition for injury recovery. While we have Episode 1 of Perform with Dr. Andy Galpin here, please be sure to subscribe and follow Perform with Dr. Andy Galpin on your preferred platform. Show notes for this episode can be found at Timestamps 00:00:00 Introduction from Dr. Andrew Huberman 00:01:07 Heart 00:03:55 Sponsors: Vitality Blueprint & Rhone 00:07:27 Muscle Types 00:09:54 VO2 max, Health & Mortality 00:15:49 Overall Health, Cardiorespiratory Fitness & All-Cause Mortality 00:25:23 Sponsor: AG1 00:26:54 Disease, Health & Mortality 00:30:02 Cardiac Muscle & Heart 00:38:29 Cardiac Muscle vs. Skeletal Muscle, Cardiac Advantages 00:43:53 Pacemakers & Heart Rate, Vagus Nerve 00:50:35 Why Doesn’t the Heart Get Sore? 00:54:32 Heart & Exercise, Stroke Volume, Ejection Fraction, Cardiac Output 00:59:21 Heart Rate Variability 01:02:41 Sponsors: Momentous & LMNT 01:06:54 Why Do You Breathe?: Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide & Respiratory Rate 01:13:37 Respiratory Rate & Stress 01:15:08 Tool: The “Three I’s”, Investigate: Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, VO2 Max 01:19:53 Tool: Interpretation, Resting Heart Rate & Ranges 01:23:16 Tool: Interpretation: VO2 Max & Ranges 01:30:45 Athletes & Highest VO2 Max Scores 01:35:53 Elite Athletes & Context for VO2 Max Scores 01:41:42 Tool: Intervention, VO2 Max, Varying Exercise Intensities, SAID Principle 01:48:20 Tool: Varying Exercise Intensity; Intervals & Continuous Training; Frequency 01:58:18 Zero-Cost Support, YouTube, Spotify & Apple Subscribe & Reviews, Sponsors, YouTube Feedback, Social Media 01:59:55 Conclusion from Dr. Andrew Huberman Disclaimer

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