Will Dickinson - From Kitchen to Corporate: hanging up the chef whites

Oh For Food's Sake - A podcast by Amy Wilkinson, Lucy Wager - Joi


In this episode of "Oh For Foods Sake," we are joined by Will Dickinson to explore the complexities and rewards of transitioning from a kitchen role to a corporate one. He discusses how shifting from being a Head Chef to a Development Chef brings about not only personal growth but also the need to adapt to a completely different environment, where the pressure to produce new products is intense and time for research and development is minimal. Will shares his personal journey, from starting as a chef in the Lake District to becoming the head of Research and Development at Premier Foods. He opens up about experiencing imposter syndrome, learning to find joy in the process, and using his culinary background to bring valuable skills to his new roles. Throughout the episode, he emphasises the importance of staying curious, seeking out training opportunities, and taking ownership of personal and professional development in the ever-evolving food industry. We touch on the power of networking, humility, and embracing discomfort as a path to growth, taking risks to leverage their unique backgrounds to succeed in new careers.

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